Budapest’s Jewish Revival

Today, I received a lovely e-mail from a reader of my book. She had this
to say about the book “I am reading your Guide to Budapest and the Best
of Hungary (8th Edition), and it is very good!  I like your writing
style and your comments about various restaurants and places to visit.”

Are you reading this Google?

For her own reasons, she asked to remain anonymous, so shall it be.
However, she was kind enough to share this video with me. If she hadn’t I
most likely would never have come across it. Now that I know about it, I
will share it with anyone who will listen. The majority of the places
and events in the video are within minutes of us and our B and B. Our
street was the edge of the old Jewish ghetto and if you venture to the
Jewish Museum, you will see on the map that our street was literally
divided down the center. Our side was the Jewish side.

While I have people’s attention, I want to suggest a book that I found heart wrenching, but incredible nonetheless.  It is
Nine Suitcases: A Memoir by Zsolt Bela.

Enjoy the video and thank you reader for sharing it.

Budapest’s Jewish Revival from Harry Wall on Vimeo.

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