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There are some interesting things in the current English translated news that I want to share and also have for reference, so this will kill two birds…

1. For Hungarian university students, 30% will not receive their degree, because they lack the needed exam certificate in a foreign language. 

Less than 80% of Hungarian high school students learn foreign languages, compared to 92.9% in Poland, 98.1% in Romania, 98.3% in Slovakia and 100% in the Czech Republic.

My comment: The US and the UK are both disgraceful in their foreign language education, so don’t think this is a condemning commentary on Hungarians. Some of my students are so fluent in English, when they speak Hungarian, it takes me by surprise.

2. “The Hungarian state has repossessed the Buda Castle Labyrinth from a company which has been operating it without permission,” according to This really cracks me up. This has been part of Night of the Museums for years, the tourism offices promote it, and there are tacky pictures of the Disney-like drawings they have added to the walls. According to the person in charge, the labyrinth has been operating for thirty years; however, “Eszter Dolla, director of the authority – which belongs to the ministry of rural development – said that the protected cave system was the property of the state, and Budavári Labirintus Kft. was not paying rent for using it. Moveover, the company had no permission to utilize the cave and even damaged the protected natural treasure.”
Someone suddenly come out of their thirty year coma and discover something was amiss?

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