Brunch for the Gang

Ron decided he was going to use my horded Bisquik for a Sunday brunch. He had invited Lynn and Nicole, both Fulbrighters as well as his museum buddy, Mark and his partner Chris.

Now, normally, I am a generous person, but when I started to think about the amount of Bisquik this was going to consume…hmmmm…. Bisquick is not available here and it is such a diverse product. I have to beg people to bring it over, not to mention maple syrup. These are second and third on my Wish List after peanut butter.

As it turned out, Mark was sick with the flu, Chris had to nurse him, so it was only Lynn and Nicole who came over. Ron made enough pancakes for Cesar’s army. He had some with pecans and bananas and others plain.

The ladies enjoyed themselves as did we, so after the initial casualty tally to my stock of goodies, I was able to relax and have nice relaxing Sunday with good company too.