Brain Drain – Ron Gone

Many countries suffer from brain drain, when their brightest and most promising leave for greener pastures. I am suffering from Ron Gone. Ron left today, not that it was unexpected. He had been planning this for some time now. Unfortunately, he left while I was at school. I had to be there for State Exams today, the euphemism for thesis defenses. 

Now, before you send me sympathy notes or those of congratulations, Ron is on his annual trek to greener pastures…eventually, he will be in Iowa. For now though, he is starting off in Golden and Fort Collins, CO followed by testing the American train system, Amtrak to IA. The town there is so insignificant, not even its over sized county map has a dot pointing it out, but it will have green pastures for sure. His final jaunt will be a flight to Pittsburgh, PA and finally home again, home again after a month of attention and being somewhat pampered.  

I have not been back to the States since January 2003, but that is another post entirely. Anyway, when I came home feeling lonely, without the computer screaming out political commentary from Rachel Maddow or humor from Jon Stewart, the Ron Gone sunk in. Yet, I did find this left by the two guests who left after both of us did. It was a pleasant surprise to brighten my day.
 So this evening, I am meeting Dr. Karla Kelsey for dinner and then going to her poetry reading afterward. I need to plan my “To Do While Ron is Gone” list.

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