A Booklovers Dream

Alec was returning to install all of my programs after he put in a new network card. He arrived before I left for school, my first day back after spring break. He had an epiphany last night. Googling different issues, he found that some network cards do not play well with some routers. Their syncing time is off. Since my last router went up in smoke, this could well be the case. He picked up a router manufactured by the same company as the router. This seemed to be a match made in cyberspace. It worked. I left Alec loading programs and went to school.

Zoli and the bookcases were due at 11:00. I was thrilled that the guests were out for the day for less disruption to their day, not to mention that I was going to be at school avoiding the same uproar. Guess again!

When I slunk into the door at 1:00 pm, it was quiet, no pounding hammer, so whir of a drill, nothing, but Alec’s clicking fingers. Zoli postponed us until 2:00, but when he showed to install the three bookcases, they were beautiful, beyond my expectations. It had occurred to me too late that we had never discussed color. Zoli being a professional cabinet maker made them to match identically the wood of the other furniture. One was customized as I had specified with six drawers on the bottom and bookcases on top. The other two were over 6 feet high, covering the wall. I now have plenty of room for books if anyone wants to send me one, I will be please to supply an address.

Alec finished up at 6:00 after I said I would finish reinstalling the dangling programs needing a search for registration codes. One difficulty of buying software online is having to write to the support staff to have them send you new download sites or codes to validate the software. Many sites will not allow you to use the old URL to download the program again after a reformat.

At this point, we have three new bookcases, empty, but books strewn on our bedroom dresser and the remaining bookcase waiting patiently to find their new niche. Of course they have to be categorized and alphabetized by author’s last name, so this is not some project to start now with the computer pulling on my leg to make it feel complete again. So many projects, so little time.