Book Delivery

I had an e-mail from a potential reader of my Frommer’s book. She wrote before she left the States and said she could not find a copy of my book at any of the Barnes and Noble stores on Staten Island. With some copying and pasting, I was able to give her some quick notes to get started as a bona fide tourist. Then I suggested she buy the book here. Bookstation is going to carry it. Knowing the store is a bit difficult to find if you are not familiar with the city, I offered to buy a copy for her and meet her. I met she and her husband at the Art’otel on the Buda side. They were lovely and appreciative. We chatted for a half hour and I was on my way again.

You would think I earned royalties on this book the way I promote it, but I do not. However is someone is that interested in having a copy, I want to make sure they get it.