Friends = Relatives

My friend Daphnee go way back to the point where we just refer to each other as sister and brother. We first met in a Comparative Religions class when I first decided to return to college for my BA degree. It was a summer course and my partner at the time had gone to FL to visit a friend. This was 1976 and we have been close ever since. Daphnee has always been there for me regardless of the distance between us; I have been there for her when she has opened up and let me know she needed me.

We spoke on Sunday about Ron’s returning to the States and making his way to NJ to do something with our storage at dad’s house, so the house can be sold. I have been looking into a moving POD, where they bring the storage unit to you, you fill it, and then they take it away to the storage place. This seems ideal for Ron. They can place it in the backyard and he can fill it as energy allows. Daphnee had a better idea. She contacted and plans to pay her college-aged grandson to be Ron’s driver and mover helper. Neither of us have a driver’s license, so renting a car is out of the question.

Her other idea is to check out flights; if there is a reasonable one, she will fly back and meet Ron to help him. My great concern was that he will not transportation and will be stuck at my father’s house without a computer or Internet access even if he had one. Her generousity over the years has been amazing, but I cannot pass this over without saying that her partner Ellie is just as supportive with finances. Ellie has been just as generous with coming to our rescue when needed without a moment of hesitation. This is a prime example of where friends become family.