Got That Trapped Feeling

There are some days when you just feel this thin veil is trapping you from doing what you want or need to do. The video that follows is a metaphor for greater things.

One of my current guests is a young woman from Georgia. She gets up for breakfast at the precise moment she told me she would like it the night before. Yesterday, we chatted for about thirty minutes and then she was off for the day. After getting breakfast cleaned up, I had a dozen e-mails of my own to check and respond to, then reservation inquiries, plus monitoring Ron’s e-mail that download here that he cannot access. This takes over an hour’s time. Yes, I did find an hour to redo the looks of the blog once again. It is getting faster with each change; I am getting past the learning curve. I actually learned to rewrite the CSS programing while I was at it. These are my mental aerobics to ward off Alzheimer’s.

Just as I finished working, not playing with the blog, two new guests arrived to check in. Two young men from Sweden, dare I say an adorable couple who have been together for eight years. One of them is a commercial airline pilot, but I am not sure what the other does. I offered them tea when they were settled and three hours later, they decided they should start investigating the city. Three hours!! I tried to politely excuse myself, but had to abort the mission when it the plan failed.

When we finally broke up the summit, I had to run, almost literally to the grocery store to get supplies for breakfast before all of the little old ladies filled their carts with the good breads. Those old women do not loaf around, dough they can be aggressive when it comes to getting the best picks.

When came home, the boys’ shoes were at the door; they certainly were not out for too long, but seemed to be resting. By the time I put all of the things away, it was time to take the clothes down. No, we do not have a dryer; this is Hungary for heavens sake. At some point, I had managed to get a load of wash in, but the memory escapes me. The morning was all a blur.

Just as I finished with the laundry, the guys made their appearance, which led into another long confab; enjoyable, but time consuming. As the clock approached 7:00, while we exchanged stories, I started fixing my dinner. When the timer went off, so did they, out for an evening of dinner and partying the way young men do. I seem to recall what that was like if I strain my memory a bit.

I had not swallowed my last bite when my young lady guest appeared before me. Naturally, she wanted to share here entire twelve hour day’s events. I listened with a charming smile, interjected appropriate questions here and there, was genuinely interested, but I could feel my energy flowing from the top of my head, increasing to a steady stream, finally turning into a geyser.

By 10:30, I had some “me” time. So, yes, sometimes there seems to be a thin layer that traps you from getting where you really want to go.