Blast from the Past

When still in CA, one of my contracts was with the AIDS Case Management program for Stanislaus County. I had contracted with them for over ten years, but during the last two years I was there, I worked with two nurses, one was Ruth. Ruth and her husband Henry visit Germany often since Ruth is originally from Munich. When I heard they were coming this year, I convinced them to come visit us for a week. They arrived today. Henry and Ron tuned us out for the first few hours as we rehashed the county days, the clients we worked with as well as co-workers, catching up on gossip. How I miss gossip! Without Hungarian friends and without the language, gossip is hard to come by. It is great having them here, a touch of home, coming to us for a change, so we will enjoy our visit, even if we cannot play tour guides. Ron is suffering with a bad back and I am suffering with a bad back that is affecting my leg. Then there are B and B guests to tend to, papers to correct, work to go to, but we will enjoy the sharing time.