Black Friday

US Americans know this day as Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year with ‘bargains’ galore and extended store hours. Just to feel like I am in the swing of things, I just may go to the stores to feel like part of a crowd, any crowd.
But what about last night’s dinner? Marriott delivered our dinner at 3:30, thirty minutes ahead of schedule. Since we could not eat until the others finished work, we had to refrigerate it until later. The menu, which was described as serving 4-6, left out the word children. Yes, this would have fed 4-6 children with leftovers besides, but for hungry adults it was a stretch. They did not bring the ‘glazed carrots’ or the ‘creamed vegetables’ as was listed on the order form. The ‘walnut’ pie that was an extra 1,200 Huf was delightfully a pecan pie instead. Fortunately, we had made extra sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and other fixings to supplement. The turkey looked fabulous when wrapped in plastic wrap, but once it was uncovered and speared with a knife, I thought it was going to deflate. It did turn out to be sufficiently meaty, tender, and moist.
We were honored to have Balazs and Sylvia, both former students as well as Hunter, Sally, and Deb join us to celebrate. As planned we started with the hot artichoke dip, which received rave reviews, followed by pumpkin soup. Everyone seemed impressed with the spread. I was in my glory having a group of wonderful people to join us in the celebration, reminding me of great times past.
Now, I am off to shop.