Big Love

We have finally caught up with those in the US, being able to watch the HBO show Big Love. For those not familiar with it, the story revolves a Mormon family who live the principle of Joseph Smith. That principle being polygamy. Hence Bill Henrickson is living in marital bliss or not, with his three wives. Since everyone knows, including the Mormon dominated folks in Sandy, Utah where the show supposedly takes place, polygamy was banned in order for Utah to join the United States.

Bill’s ladies live in three houses next to each other; the houses look perfectly normal from the street. However, their backyards are one contiguous piece of acreage where they traipse back and forth continually to either share their meals,  thoughts on a topic, or just share Bill. 

Coming to this HBO banquet late, this being the fifth and final season, we were watching two or three episodes a night. Strangely, when I watch as many vampire shows, there is no end result. Yet, each time we chowed down on Big Love, I had big not so lovely nightmares. It would be embarrassing to share how many nights I wanted to wake screaming because some church leader was forcing me to marry, marry a woman, you see. It didn’t need to be a multiple marriage, one was enough. I tried clawing my way out of Sandy, Utah, but they were gathered around me like Rosemary’s Baby.

One would think that when one is ill and is using the facilities upwards of fourteen times in a night and blowing the nose with triple the frequency, the cycle of the dream would stop and desist. No, it was not about to happen. I must have popped a vessel in my nose, because at one point, my nose started to bleed when I blew it. God only knows how, I could have any fluid to run out. With all of the bodily fluids I have deposited, one would think all I could produce from my nose would be dust bunnies. Though, I was awake, not dreaming, so I was concerned that the blood was pink and not red. This had to be a sign from a higher power. Even my blood runs pink. If these nightmares continue, I may just start bleeding in rainbow colors.  

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