Barack = Peach

I almost forgot to post his picture. Barack 1. It was almost like a Hungarian prediction, but really it is a street sign. Barack is peach in Hungarian, while the u is short for utca meaning street.

If you are curious, the small sign is a warning that the dog will bite. Perhaps, it is also a warning to Republicans that the dog Obama promised his girls when they get to the White House.


  1. Barack = peach ,in hungarian

  2. How does this constitute a ‘prediction’ unless it is in a really pathetic sense? I assume you know both the etymology or Obama’s name as well as that of the name for the peach in Hungarian? And then, some underlying interesting relationship between their origins? No? Then this is just a street sign of house number 1 in Hungary?

    For the sake of students of American Culture perhaps they would be interested in a wider debate that Obama name led to:

    Assessment: Could do better!!

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