Ballet – Tippy Toes

Last night we went to the opening of the Spring Festival to see the Hungarian National Ballet Company performed “Balanchine”. For those who are not in the know, Balanchine was a choreographer, born in Russia, but made his mark in dance while living in the US. He was the co-founder of the New York City Ballet. Michael the CEU student we have come to know, joined us.

His pieces are modern interpretations of classical music transforming classical ballet movements into a contemporary piece. The Hungarian National Ballet Company performers are quite extraordinary. The first two pieces were traditional Balanchine pieces with the orchestra only consisting of cellos and violins. Watching their movements, I am always in awe. When you have a difficult time remembering left foot, right foot, left foot…it is beyond my scope of imagining how they remember all of their movements. Then I start daydreaming wondering if they are able to fully multitask. As they are doing an Arabesque or Batterie, are they also thinking, “Gosh, I wonder if I remembered to turn off the coffeepot.” or “What am I going to fix for dinner tomorrow night. I am so bored with cooking.” Personally, I never understood the point of the batterie. It looks like a seal impression.

The third piece after the second intermission was a bit more flashy using George Gershwin’s show tunes as musical accompaniments and a full orchestra. Not being a musical person, it was surprising when I realized how much more I enjoyed seeing the pit full of instruments with wood, brass, and steel.

We had excellent left side seats in the balcony with the railing directly in front of us. Leg room was designed for the smaller than average modern person, but with the railing to lean on, it was possible to tuck our legs under the seat to bypass permanent scarring of the kneecaps. Total price of the tickets for the three of us, was $45.00. In some cities now, $15. is close to the price of a movie ticket and a small popcorn.