Balaton Vacation Home for Sale

This was in today. I am posting it since we have had inquiries about Balaton as a possible summer home real estate investment from my readers in the past, but recent and distant.
While many agents were expecting a small upturn this year in the market for lakeside Balaton properties, such a bump has yet to happen, writes The market is still “dead” in Keszthely and Hévíz, despite the appearance of Ukrainian buyers, said László Kozma, managing director of Capital ’99 Kft. Other foreign buyers – Germans, Austrians and Brits – have disappeared completely, in part a result of the canceling of budget flights to the region’s international airport. Meanwhile, most Hungarian buyers are not willing to pay more than Ft 10 million (€38,000) for a lakeside vacation home.

Miklós Tanai, owner of Balatonfüred‘s Aktív Ingatlaniroda, said buyers are mainly looking for housing in the town. There is demand for cheap houses starting from Ft 15 million which are in need of renovations. In Csopak, there are many high-end homes near the lake for sale for between Ft 60-70 million.

On the southern shore of the lake, only supply had gown, said Nándorné Sümegh, owner and managing director of BA-S-HA Kft. Prices are nearly 20% lower than three years ago. Many small, good quality wooden vacation homes are for sale for Ft 4.5-5 million in Máriafürdő, Balatonberény and Balatonkeresztúr.

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