Autumn Leaves

Until today, the temperatures have been in the mid to high 70s. Those of you in Celsius land, you can either do the math or click here. As I walked to my hairdresser today, I noticed that suddenly and almost with a vengeance, the leaves were dropping from the trees. It was like the end of a dendrological love affair that has gone violently awry.

In tribute to this change in weather and to bring a spark of American culture to your attention, I want to present a famous singer from many decades ago. Doris Day was the first entertainer of any genre that I came to know as a child. My parents had all of her albums as they came out. She was also an actress of great fame, often starring with Rock Hudson. He was the first male actor that I was totally aware of, because I had seen every Day-Hudson movie there was more than once. This video that I came across is triply special, Doris Day sings about Autumn Leaves, and there are many shots of Rock Hudson as well. Enjoy!

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