Author, Author and No, Not Me

Funzine magazine, the every two week magazine in English had a book signing party featuring Joanne Harris. You may recognize her name by her now most famous book Chocolat, but my favorite is Gentlemen and Players, but I have read all of her books with the exception of Runemarks. She was scheduled for 6pm, but we arrived at the new Allee Mall at 4:10pm to get a good seat. By 5:15, there was still no one there, so I was beginning to wonder. They only had three of her books in English, all three that I already have, so there was nothing to buy to have her sign. Ron had wanted to bring some of our copies, but I had concerns about being accused of shoplifting. 
She came out very casual, in rolled up jeans and a sweatshirt, her curly hairy bouncing around without the aid of a mousse to tame it into place. She delightfully answered questions, read a small piece from two of her books, the English version and by 6:45 was signing books for those lined up. There must have been over 75 people by that point. 
At first it was quite exciting to see a ‘real’ novelist in the flesh, but then I realized our dear friend Patrica Schonstein has just as many novels out on the market in addition to ten children’s books and I am quite excited to see her each and every time I do.