Attorneys and Plumbers

Friday, we had an appointment with our attorney regarding the plumbing problem. Why would someone seek a lawyer for a drip? Simple, the drip downstairs is stressing us out with demanding SMS messages. That is correct. He is too fearful/anxious/angry/pathetic, (circle your choice of adjective) to speak with us in person. His SMS was three messages long and hostile. In a foreign country, you have no idea what credentials one needs for the job they perform. Are the plumbers here licensed for example or can anyone with the knowledge call themselves a plumber? The second plumber dug out all of the caulking and redid the whole tub. He thought this would solve the problem, but it has not. We contacted our attorney for a couple of reasons: A) We did not know how legal this situation could get. B) He could advise us on a professional who could solve this situation for us. C) We are still unclear on what responsibility is the buildings and what is ours. Who owns which pipes? After hearing the whole story, he said we did not have a legal issue and doubted if it would turn into one. That was a relief to hear. He has a friend who is a building manager for five different apartment/office buildings and per chance lives across the street from us. He called him to come over and advise us. This gentleman has a professional plumber on contract for the buildings he manages and he has agreed to assess the situation. He explained that under the tubs there is a basin. This basin may have filled with water and is now dripping. He seems to believe that he can determine this by taking out two tiles in the wall. He is coming over on Monday evening. We will have everything put into writing in English and in Hungarian, though the drip downstairs does speak English. I have to question the neighbor who had his ceiling redone knowing the drip was still happening. We are holding our breath until Monday at 7:00 PM.