At Home Around the World

When I first posted that we had joined a home exchange club, particularly, someone wrote me warning of their negative experiences with this group. It was not a problem with exchanges, but rather the lack of exchange opportunities. From what I remember, this person was not successful in getting one exchange completed during her enrollment.

We are doing our first exchange this August for 10 days with a woman who has a home in Cádiz, Spain, though she lives in Seville. Since we agreed to this exchange, we have had offers from:

Somewhere on the Canary Islands
Palermo, Sicily
Strasbourg, France
Como, Italy
Salinas, Ecuador
Toledo, Spain
Livadhia, Cyprus
Guebwiller, France
Rome, Italy
Oslo, Norway

Oslo, was my first choice when I ventured into this as a project. Knowing the expense of Norway, this seemed like a somewhat affordable way to see the country. Our suitcases would be packed with food, even if it only left us with one set of clothes for the duration. Prices up north are astronomical. Denmark nearly killed off our wallets and that was back in 2005. 

As luck would have it, I contacted every Oslo member, around 9 of them. Not one was interested in Budapest at this time. It was then we accepted Cádiz, Spain. 

This last week, I received an exchange request from a couple in Oslo. How strange I thought; I sent a request to each and every member. Looking at their profile, they had just joined the service the previous week before their contacting me.

So far everyone wants to exchange this August. I have offered the months of October, November, and December, but no bites yet.