Assorted Thoughts

I received an e-mail from my department head at the university last night. We have to submit our course that we will teach to the secretary this week. The semester has just nearly begun and they are concerned about the next one in September already.

There is a rumor, a strong one, that we will be moving our campus on April 1st. At first I thought this was a secret, but the students knew already and are planning for an extra long vacation come April. We are on break until April 9th, so if they planned ahead, they could have us situated in time, but then again, planning is not the strong point of upper administration. Most of my classes are so small, I could have them come to my home and may just do that for most of them. We cannot afford to lose another week’s classes, when Tuesday classes only meet for ten sessions as it is.

Changing direction, now that we have this lovely mural on our wall, we decided we could not stand the upholstery of the chairs any longer. Ron and I went fabric shopping today. We forgot to bring our little dictionary with us, so when we went into a shop, we had to call Balazs to translate for us by giving the phone to the clerk. The clerks were amused by this and actually were very helpful. The first shop explained that the material they carried was not for upholstery, but gave us the name and address of another shop.

In the second shop, the clerk was highly entertained by the phone translation and very accommodating to our needs. We found the perfect material within minutes. She drew pictures to show us how to cut the material for our six chairs, the cut the piece in half to save us some cutting when we brought it home.

Ron suggested that it would be mid-week before he got around to doing the work, but I convinced him that as a joint project, it could be completed in two hours at the most. We worked like a well oiled machine, cutting, ironing, and stapling on the material. After two hours exactly, we had all six chairs recovered and they look excellent! I love these joint projects; it gives me a sense of accomplishment.