Art Nouveau Museum

After saying good-bye to our Polish Canadian guest Anne, we ventured to the Art Nouveau Museum. It is a private museum, which had some strange differences. Some of the exhibits were for sale. When Ron mentioned this to one of the workers upstairs, she said “Sometimes the lights need to work, sometimes the gas.” When Ron questioned whether the sale items were to pay operating costs, she affirmed this.

One thing I learned is that I don’t like Art Nouveau inside anywhere near as I do outside. I love the architecture, but could do without the decor and design of furniture. When I asked for a brochure, I was told they didn’t have any more than the one in the window. The cashier gave me their “new” website, saying the other one was no longer any good. When I looked at the site she gave me, it was for the Budapest underGuides tours for Art Nouveau. With misinformation like this, it is no wonder they need to sell the displays to cover the bills.