Art Nouveau Classic Walking Tour

Not sleeping well yet, I was up in plenty of time to join the Underguides, Art Nouveau Classic Walking Tour. By the time the guides appeared, it was rather shocking to see that there were about 60 people crowding the street in front of the Writer’s Bookstore where we were to meet. Having planned ahead, the tour company had 3 guides ready to break us into groups. My group of English speakers consisted on another American, myself, and two Hungarians who wanted to utilize their English. One of these was a student of mine from years ago.

The tour included a number of bits that I didn’t know and filled in other bits for which I had a skeleton knowledge. Having only 4 in the group was lovely; there were no issues about hearing over the traffic noise or while walking. The tour lasted for two hours, but really sped by, not feeling that long at all. 

Photos from the walk are in the other blog: Ryan and Ron Do the World or just click here.

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