Arpad Speaks

One of my students at least, reads my blog. I always remember that in the back of my mind when I think about what should or should not go here. He did comment on the “Say Cheese” post. Now if he or someone else could find me a discount photography supply store that would be awesome.

Arpad states:

“Well, yes, it does not really work to tell someone to “mondd, hogy sajt” in Hungarian. Therefore, it is never said. But we do say “csíz” which sounds exactly the same as cheese. It is frequently used when one wants the other to smile when taking photos. However, “csíz” has no meaning in Hungarian.”

This portrait studio kit is similar to what we used in class. Not a bad price considering. Let’s see, that is about 224 Euros, which is approximately four nights for two people in the large room. Throw in another night for transporting…now that is a thought.