Are You a Betting Person?

If you
like making book on an interesting gambling proposition, here is your chance to
cash in or lose your shirt. In the news again, getting an extraordinary amount
of press before it even starts to fly is Sólyom.
Odds are
betting against its success and naysayers believe it will not last into 2017.
The target date for commencing their operations is August 18th, not
too far away. Critics from all spectrums of the press are stating that the
estimated flights they project they will have is not a target they can
accomplish based on “calculating
the industry-standard measure of ‘block hours’… defined as ‘The time from the moment the aircraft
door closes at departure of a revenue flight until the moment the aircraft door
opens at the arrival gate following its landing.”’
Other analysts point
out the failure of the airline to create any plan creating an alliance with
other airlines will hurt them by reducing their potential passenger base by 20%.
They did receive an official radio call moniker. It is HUN. Before anyone gets
crazy, it does not stand for HUNgary, but ‘Hotel Uniform November’.
Once the airline is
in the sky, it will be curious to see how long it takes to fall from grace.
Wizz Air is already taking potshots at it. Interestingly, even with the virgin
voyage due in due course, a Google search for Sólyom Airlines does not
present a website for the airline, but only critical articles from near and
far. I am just a runway observer who is not invested in any way.

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