ARC the Billboard Angels Sing

I have no idea what ARC stands for, but honestly I really don’t care. (Reader Andrea K. told me it means ‘face’). What I do know about them is that they sponsor an annual public and free event in the parking lot near Heroes Square. Anyone with imagination and sponsorship money can exhibit a billboard with whatever the artist(s) would like on it. Some are funny, some serious, some are social admonitions, others are just rank. 

One such of the latter, which will not be shown here is a large map of Budapest with an inset of Europe in the corner. Like many traveler’s maps, these have push pin markers in various places. Next to the numbered pins you can find places where the artist feels at home. So far, so good, but then comes the clincher. The difference starts with the title: Shitty. The caption goes a bit further in explanation. (Don’t kill the messenger here, I am only reporting). “Anywhere I have taken a shit, I already feel at home.” 
I went today to view all. Fortunately, Funzine magazine had a list of the whole lot by number with translations and explanations in English. Years past when we have gone, we were lost in lack of translation. Here are some of my favorites. The captions and titles are from Fuzine, so if you disagree with them, I am sure THEY would love to hear from you.
Reader Andrea K. informed me the note is 10,000 Huf, not 1,000, but the caption is embedded, so I cannot change it below.

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  1. It is nice to see that you visit the exhibition on a regular basis because I also like it very much. The word "arc" means face in Hungarian. Other than that I don't know what the letters stand for. By the way, the note is 10,000 HUF not 1,000.

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