Another Resolution

Tomorrow, we have a cleaning service starting. This was also on the NY Resolution list. When I am teaching, I have no motivation to clean, but do it as needed with Ron doing the bulk of it. However, since he is retired it only made sense that he should enjoy his retirement as fully as possible. We have not had a cleaning person since our Polish friend Artur left here for Germany. Artur was a white tornado and cleaned better than any person I know other than my grandmother. At the time, we did not need nor want a cleaning person, but Artur could not find a job not having residency, so it was a mercy offering on our part. Actually, we really had no choice. He came over one day on a social call and started cleaning to show us how well he could do. Feeling too uncomfortable to stop him, privy to his financial situation, we bit the bullet and let him go on. However, we were quickly spoiled by his scrupulous hunt for dust bunnies and when he decided to leave the country we mourned the loss of a friend as well as a cleaning person.