Another Chiropractor Appointment

This was my third appointment with the chiropractor. I had decided that if this was the final time if I did not see any drastic improvement. The first visit was 8,000 Huf, and each one after is 4,000. At this rate, I will need a second job just to afford the visits.

He was as unimpressed with my improvements as I was and suggested an X-ray. He gave me the name of a clinic who provides them. He thinks it may be in the hip joint and more bone than muscle. Though he was encouraging that they could solve the issue once they knew what it was, it was still a bit upsetting contemplating the severity potential.

Now, I have no choice but to get the X-ray and return yet again. Today, they did a number of different ‘therapies’ on me, more than in the last two visits. Hope runs eternal.