An Egyptian Wizz

Take a Wizz Air flight to Egypt come November. The no frills
carrier has reported their intentions to enlarge their list of destinations offered
from Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport to include Hurghada, Egypt. This service
will commence in November when hopefully politics of Egypt will have settled
and the chill in the Budapest air will make some of us want to escape. If
protesting has not ended, you can practice your duck and cover techniques.
Wizz being full of surprises has also announced its new
service the Wizz Tour service. On Wednesday, this service debuted, but I have
yet to be able to locate it online. Further readings states that the travel
site will allow Wizz Air to provide full travel packages combining both the flight
tickets with hotel accommodations. It seems that although the site debuted this
last week, the packages will not become available in Hungarian, Polish, and
English until October. After this initial inauguration in Hungary and Poland, Wizz
will spread its wings by offering similar packages in other markets also. Wizz
Tour will remain an entirely online travel agency.

As an aside, Wizz will continue its Malta routes through the
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