AmCham Election Party

Last night, we attended the American Chamber of Commerce -Hungary Election Party co-sponsored with the US Embassy. For 2,500 Huf (about $12.50), they had an all you can eat American buffet and all you could drink wine, beer, juice, or sparkling water. They reached capacity of 2,000 participants and then had a waiting list to get it.

When we arrived, the line was about a 1/4 of block long, but was so well organized, we were in checking out coats within 2o minutes.

Four years ago, we attended this party. This time it was more than civil; the crowd was upbeat and friendly. Four years ago, we were verbally attacked for supporting Kerry.

Although the party went until 3:00 am, we left at 1:00 am. Our friends Laszlo, Michael, and our B and B guest, David came back to our place to watch the returns. We could not hear a thing at the party.

Laszlo and David lasted until 3:00, but Ron, Michael, and I stayed up to hear McCain’s and Obama’s speeches. I have to admit, the speech McCain gave was incredible and moving. Obama’s speech was as eloquent as I would have expected.

I had anticipated an early morning and cancelled my classes for the day. I am proud to be an American againa and can carry my head high.