All Washed Up, But Not Going to Dish It Out

Yesterday was the day our appliances were going to be delivered to our place in Florida. The property manager was planning on being there for the delivery and promised to e-mail a progress report. There was no reason for us to hang around, being six hours ahead and 3,000 miles away, so we went out for the evening.
When we returned home, I found this e-mail from our property manager. “I am at the unit with Brandsmart and it seems like you ordered 2 washing machines instead of a dishwasher, I have them taking one back to replace but I’m sure the dishwasher is cheaper so you will have to get a credit from them. I will verify the prices when I get back to the office but in the meantime please double check the order.”
I start spinning like a top. I knew I did not order a dishwasher, but I was also positive I did not order 2 washing machines either. I found the receipts that I had already sent to the property manager, wondering where he even came up with the idea of a dishwasher. By gosh, I have to hand wash my dishes, the tenants should have to also. But 2 washing machines? Where was he getting this. 
I had multiple copies of receipts. I forwarded each one to Alain, our property manager, stuffing up his Blackberry with data. I envision his Blackberry becoming so engorged,  blackberry juice squirts in all directions drenching him. Well fine then. That will teach him to read the invoices properly and see there was never a dishwasher on the list. The 2 washing machines were the screw up of BrandsMart. What can I say?
For the 47th time, I look over the receipts for the appliances I had ordered. Refrigerator, microwave, stove, washing machine, dryer. Quantity: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1. Whoa! Back up there. Where did that 2 come from. As it turns out, with all of the order numbers, sku numbers, dimensions, prices, and capacities listed on the paperwork, the quantities did not pop out at me. I admit that I have a mild form of dyscalculia, the numbers version of dyslexia. My mild version results in number reversal. If I need to use 21, I have make sure I do not put 12 instead. This takes a great deal of time checking and rechecking, especially with all of the districts, building numbers, prices, and phone numbers included in my books.
Calling Florida to get this straightened out again is going to be another joy ride, but life is one adventure after another. 
The icing on the cake is that the appliances did not come with power cords. You have to buy them separately. When the hell did that happen? Every washer and dryer I have ever bought had an electric cord permanently attached to the back. When did this stop, but the better question is why did it? To gouge more money from the buyer? These cords are $15-30. each. God bless capitalism, consumerism, corporations, and God help the working poor, the destitute, the disadvantaged.
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