All Creatures Hungarian and Small

The post about my neighbor brought lots of kudos here and via Facebook. If my mother were alive, she would say “You should thank your parents for bringing you up right.” My feelings about those comments are best left for the therapist’s office.
Today, I brought the garbage down to our double locked garbage room. Why it is double locked it beyond me. When I walked in, I could has sworn I saw something above bus size scurry across the floor starting from where I was standing. Part of me almost tested out my 6-month smoke free lungs to bring neighbors running from a full block area to witness the spectacle of who was being murdered. My rationale brain bits turned on the light. Only a few brain bits were functioning so I was not really prepared for what I would find. 
Two, not one, but two little sparrow type birds were racing to hide from me amongst the garbage containers. They had scared the crap out of me, but I did not leave evidence like the crap that was scared out of them and all over the floor.
There is a window in the garbage room that overlooks the courtyard. They must have come in that way, but why they did not leave the same way is a mystery? Perhaps like me, they are directionally challenged. They could fly out of my reach, but not out the window. It took me a good fifteen minutes to direct them out the door of the garbage room and then through the double doors to the courtyard.
Now I am pondering if my last days are upon me and these were the final tests to see which direction I will be heading once gone. I have been a borderline case with a number of things during my life, perhaps this is just another.
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