Airfare Madness

We have tickets to the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh for August. We are combing that with the Fringe Festival. Last year, we went to the Fringe and had a great time.

I have been searching for a good airfare. Last year, I found 33 different ways of combining budget airlines to get from here to there. Of the 33, only 11 would feasible due to connections. Then of those 11, all were more expensive than flying Malev, the Hungarian airlines.

This year, I thought I hit gold. I found a website that allows you to type in the information one time and then you can search 20 different sites such as Expedia, Sidestep, Orbitz, and so on. Many of these sites do not allow travel that does not initiate in the U.S., thus limiting our possibilities. I did find through this and also a great airfare. I booked it immediately with my American Express card. I received a confirmation number and a confirmation booking e-mail and I was pleased with myself.

Four hours later, I happened to check my e-mail only to find another message from Allcheaptravel. They canceled my reservation since my Amex card had a foreign billing address, even though it is a US based account. Using Jajah, I called them and tried to salvage the seats, but was told they were gone.

Back to the beginning again, but hopefully, since we are trying so early, the prices will go down later. The taxes on all airlines are more than the tickets themselves.