Aaron’s Wedding

My co-teacher, the other native speaker was married tonight. Here in Hungary, like many European countries, you have to get married in a civil ceremony for the legal version. Any other ceremony is for show. They had their civil ceremony on Wednesday, but tonight was when all of the family and friends were invited to share in their matrimonial bliss.

The wedding took place at a hall near City Park. They did not want a religious ceremony, so they asked Ron to officiate. They wrote their ceremony and Ron’s parts. They rehearsed it with a Hungarian translator, since Betti is Hungarian.

The ceremony was outdoors and Betti looked lovely, cool, relaxed, and very unbride like in her ability to maintain calm. Aaron on the other hand, was a wreck. After working with him for five years, I have never seen this man look nervous. Tonight, he looked like he was going to melt into a puddle like the witch in The Wizard of Oz. It was truly humorous to see him look so nervous, but what was funniest was the grin when the ceremony started. I had fond reminders of Howdy Doody looking at him. It was all beautiful from the readings they chose to their vows.

The reception followed indoors. The room was spacious and there were many more people than I had thought there would be from what Aaron had said. The buffet started with appetizers that could have been a meal in themselves, then the main meal was served. The bride threw her bouquet during dinner, which I thought was a strange time to do it and it was caught by a little girl. Opps!

We were seated with Aaron’s aunt and her friend, so we had English speakers to talk with. They were delightful company, but after two hours, my back started paining, so it was time to go home.