A New Look – A New Logo

After trying to hire several people on Fiverr.com, when each refused, stating it was too complicated, it was time to give up and try PeoplePerHour. I thought this was strange as they do have the option for paying more than $5 for additional tasks.

Moving on to PeoplePerHour, I checked out the workmanship of various artists before deciding to try Mohammad Al O. from Bangladesh. This is the scenario; I have to say it was a learning experience.

Old Banner

Old Banner

Ryan: I need a totally new banner for my blog. The current banner that is attached is from my old blog and I don’t like it anymore. I want something light, fresh and colorful. The blog is budgetnomd.net. One banner on another travel writer‘s site that I like is at theprofessionalhobo.com. Can you do something like this?

Mohammad: Thanks for your massage. I tried to review your blog http://www.budgetnomd.net/ but it shows problem loading page. However, I reviewed http://www.theprofessionalhobo.com/ website banner. Moreover, i can provide you exclusive and professional banner for your blog. I will look forward to your further response.

Best Regards,

Ryan: You missed an ‘a’ in budgetnomAd. I would like my new logo to be light, colorful and maybe playful like the Professional Hobo banner. I went ahead and paid the hourly ($20). I wanted you to know I am sincere.

Mohammad: Okay. I will send you sample banner ASAP within tomorrow and this job will be completed before September 8.
Thank you for your sincerity.

Mohammad: Hi Ryan, Please check the attached banner and confirm me.
If need required revision then please inform me.

Best Regards,

budgetnomad 1

I liked the camels, but…

Hi Mohammad,
This is great, but I don’t think it is in tune with my culture. I am a US American. The picture of the men here would really confuse people about who I am. I would really like for you to leave the camels. I don’t know how difficult it is, but it would be fun if the camels had suitcases on their backs.

Maybe make the men more American looking? I attached two pictures to give you an idea. Perhaps a man with a backpack walking next to the camel or sitting next to the camel?
Can you change the color of Budget Nomad to the dark brown you have in the camels?
The red banner at the bottom can be taken off. It says, 61 and counting, so there is no way to change it. That was the problem I had with the old blog. I lost control of that widget updating it. Really, now it is 65 countries.Here are some backpackers you may help. Traveler 2

Mohammad: Okay. I will send you another sample banner ASAP with your required correction. Moreover, I have Traveler 3reviewed your blog. The blog home page is not looks professional at all. It’s looks very unprofessional and undecorated. If you want to redesign your blog then i am very able to help you. I can provide you exclusive and professional blog redesign and WordPress development too.

Best Regards,

Ryan: Let’s focus on the banner first. The banner is about all I can afford for now. When things get better, there is another website I need work done on.

Mohammad: Hi Ryan, Please check the attached banner and confirm me. I made it with totally new concept. I am still confused about the tagline text. If need required revision then please inform me.

Best Regards,

budgetnomad 2

Ryan: I like the first attempt better. It was light and airy looking. You took away the camels. I liked the camels, but this is heavy on dark graphics. Can’t you photo shop some luggage on the camels and put a backpacker next to them?

You need to delete the tagline text “Now at sixty-five countries…” That whole line. The problem with that text is that when it changes to 66, 67, 68 countries, I cannot change the tagline text.

Mohammad: Now i am clear about the banner. I will send you the final banner sample ASAP with the changes base on your feedback.
Best Regards!

Mohammad: Hi Ryan, Please check the attached final banner and confirm me.
If need required revision then please inform me.
Best Regards, Mohammad

budgetnomadAs you can see, this was the final rendition, which really spoke to me while giving my nomadic spirit a tremendous boost. I gave the following evaluation for Mohammad on PeoplePerHour. It was fortunate to find him. He was very patient with trying to fully grasp what I visualized.

Ryan: Evaluation comment – It took some back and forth, but Mohammad did come up with a design I really like. After his initial attempt, I made suggestions modifying it more to my cultural needs. This last attempt is great!

End note: I have had some serious issues with camels. Though I really love the animals, I never, ever want to ride one again.

After completing my Ed.D., the frustration of finding a teaching position where I was willing to live, led to Ron and I leaving the country. We intended to travel for a year before settling somewhere in MA or RI. We left the US without any credit card debt, no car payments and our house mortgage paid by renters. We had $10,000 in the bank to make our way through a year.


  1. Yes, the first design variant would have left some new readers scratching their heads about your identity. The one you settled on, however, looks great; I think it conveys the right impression. The suitcases nicely make up for the absence of humps. By the way, it was considerate of you not to point out that you had given the designer no massage.

    • I might have considered it, but my arms could not reach him. I thought it courteous to leave his language authentic. Glad you liked the new design.

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