256 Hours to Go

I downloaded and installed PC Mover after doing back-ups of my mailboxes, a complete deep virus scan, and making sure my disks were defragged. I started the program up and was ready to go. I had bought a 1TB external hard drive for this operation.
All went well, but for some reason tech support said that I had include the D and E drive on the computer in the migration. I cannot see why if it is only the C drive that is being reformatted, but I included them anyway.
The program started, calculated the space needed, said that the files were going to be really compressed and then went to work. Estimated completion time would be 268 hours (eleven days and 4 hours). Two hundred and sixty-eight hours? I thought it was a joke or one of those estimate high and come to reality after time goes on. Well, after the program ran for twelve hours, it had only processed 19 gigabytes of data and was showing 256 hours (ten days and sixteen hours) left yet. I knew I had 700+ gigabytes on the 3 drives, so this could be on target. The bad thing is that you cannot operate the computer during this process, so it is time wasted. 
After the twelve hours, I stopped it. I am transferring all of the data from the two internal drives onto the external disk and then starting again. Maybe I can get it down to less than a week.
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