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At this point in time, Harry Potter must be everywhere now that the last and final movie has been released making magic at the box office. I have yet to see the next to last movie, the first part based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, because I had not read the book yet.

Boo and hiss at me for waiting for so long to complete the series. Each of the first six books, I was in line with everyone else getting my copy on the day their arrived. In fact, I have the date I bought the last one, July 24, 2007. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but I guess it was. The English bookstore here did not stay open at midnight to sell the advanced copies, but I had pre-ordered, so I was able to walk in at any time during business hours to collect my copy. Of course I went early lest they should sell it to someone seemingly more eager than I appeared to be if I arrived later in the day.

The question in your mind may be why then has the book sat on my shelf for almost four years to the day without being devoured as the first six were?  The reason is simple really. At the time, I was writing my first book. The research for that was beyond time consuming; therefore, no distractions were possible. I could have gotten through the book in about four days of reading, but this was the last. It was meant to be slaved over, reading each and every world J.K.R. chose to use. Then the book sat there mostly forgotten, but when it did jump to my attention, it was so thick in hardcover. I need to have a book with me everywhere I go, so that means on the trams, metros, standing in lines, in between classes, waiting at the dentist’s office and the list is endless. Minutes without reading are bound to be a few books that I had not read by the time I die that I had really wanted to savor. This book was to heavy to cart around. It was a gloomy, rainy, depressing, stay at home and don’t leave kind of book.

Yet, the weather did not provide me with the perfect storm until I was thumbing my way through the last one hundred pages of the 605. I finished it on July 21, 2011, almost 4 years to day that I had bought it. I am still licking my lips; it was so very tasty. Nothing planned, it just happened that way. Now that the second and last movie is now out, I had to get the book read before seeing either part one or part two. The other part is that it was devilish avoiding people who were discussing the book or the movies, so avoiding spoilers was getting increasingly difficult. 

I have read all 7 books and have watched 6 of the 8 movies. I am an over-aged adult with a child inside who still appreciates sorcery, witches, wizards, and magic. The magic I especially like is the magic where a single mother can write the plot to a book in a coffee shop in Edinburgh and become one of the richest women on earth. I want her wand.

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  1. Dear Dr. James,
    I'm so glad to find out at last how much you like the Harry Potter series. When we were freshmen at university some of my friends and I used to identify you as the Dumbledore of our institution. And you will always remain that for us.

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